Females Wrecking your Shit

Your name is either Alys (pronounced Alice) Strider, Bell Strider, Cali English, or Ella Egbert. You four females are the last people left over from your session, barely making it out alive. Of course, you know that you're not supposed to exist. You also know that your personalities are twisted horribly from the original Alpha timeline. That is to say, you don't really act like you're supposed to. Like a broken robot, almost. At least, that's what Alys says.
M!A: None for all.
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The dark green-eyed girl stares at them, bags under her eyes, well the eye that’s¬†visible.¬† A cigarette pokes out of the corner of her mouth, smoke curling towards the ceiling. The rainbow flashing green coat is drawn around her, her arms crossed in front of her chest. She seems to be silently saying, ‘What the hell do you morons want?” Approach her?

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    hehe yea yea yea so mind explaining why cali and bell don’t like me?
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    "Damn right you do." She mumbles, still hanging on him. Its easier to talk that way, to her mind. Alys doesn’t think...